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The Investigation Starts.


Awakened by aches, he wished for something stronger than aspirin, but Roger knew that if he took anything stronger than a simple aspirin it would mess with his senses. As lead investigator at the Paranormal Investigating Agency he knew he had to keep his senses sharp. So he took the the tiny white pill and hoped the aches from the chase the night before would subside.

As he ate his breakfast the phone rang. “Hello”

“Hey Rog, this is Rick” came the voice from the other end. “We have a new recruit that we would like you to check out his story, help him out and see if he will make it as an investigator. Karen thinks he has what it takes to make it in the field.”

“Sure no problem Rick, just email me the particulars and I will get right on it. Have a good night.” Roger thought about it for a minute and decided to finish his breakfast first. Hehee, breakfast he thought, who eats breakfast in the middle of the night. Well investigating ghosts and spirits usually just happens that way. “Ah well, you can get used to anything when you put your mind to it” he thought.

He finished breakfast, cleaned up the mess and went to log on to his computer. Yup, Rick always the punctual one. had already sent him the file for the new recruit, Aaron Stimple.

Roger did some research on Aaron, found out he had been a construction contractor for ten years and was doing really well till about six months ago. He had put a lot of money into a new piece of land, started clearing out the land and digging new foundations for new homes. It seemed like a financially sound project. Then six month ago every thing stopped on the project, equipment was just left behind and no one had seen Aaron since. Roger gave this some thought and then decided he would look into the property history before making contact with Aaron.

It turns out that the piece of land was owned by a local farmer. Half of it was graded land that was once a field used for his farm, the other half being a large dense wooded area that had not been cleared. Roger decided he was going to go take a look at this land first to see what he could find out,  He wanted all the information about Mister Stimple he could before he went and talked to him on behalf of the agency.


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