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Conway Scenic Railroad Trip

Conway Scenic Railroad

Last weekend I went for a short weekend trip. Left Friday from work for a 3 hour drive north from where I live. The day was really nice for a drive, windows open and the radio playing, one of my favorite places to be.

A Scene from the road

This is a trip I have been planning for about eight months. Last summer I had taken a couple of day trips to North Conway and had even taken the shorter train trips that are offered from the station but I really wanted to take the five hour trip and the only way I could do that was to stay the night before to be at the station in time to board the train.

North Conway Scenic Railroad Station


The ride is a 5 hour round trip to Crawford Station, right next to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Station.

Crawford Notch Panoramic 360 degree view


The ride has some amazing vistas to view and the conductor gives some history about the railway and the area as well.



One of the more noteworthy parts of the trip and history of the railway was the Frankenstein Trestle, named after cliff over which it spans.


I enjoyed my the train ride so much that I have already booked passage for mid October when the foliage is at its peak.

At the end of the day I went to a scenic view rest area up the road from my hotel and did some experimenting with my new cameras settings. The pic on the left is my favorite, the pic on the right is the same area and taken at about the same time just to show differences in exposures.



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Chasing a Ghost


Write Now Prompt:June 10, 2014

They both watched as the boy walked past the idle construction equipment and into the woods. Not sure exactly what to think Rog and Aaron started into the woods hoping to find out what was going on.

Aaron had become fully aware of the chill on the back of his neck and started rubbing it.

“Trying to make it go away are you” Roger said.

Aaron gave a startled look at him and that was when he realized that he was indeed trying to make the chill go away. “ What do you mean by that” Aaron stated.

“I mean the chill. Have you realized that it comes on just about the same time as you see a spirit.”

“No” said Aaron “I had not realized that.”

“We can talk about that later, right now lets see if we can follow that boy.” and into the woods they went.

They could see the boy just ahead of them almost out of sight, then he disappeared from view. They walked up to where they had last seen him. Just behind a tree Aaron saw the one of the oddest sights he had seen. It was a cactus, but this cactus was bent over into what looked like a sad person. Aaron could not help himself as he let out a giggling laugh at the sight. All of a sudden the cactus lashed out at Aaron and almost caught him on the arm with one of its limbs. Then the ghost boy jumped out of the cactus and started running again. Aaron knew that was the last time he would laugh at a cactus.Photo Credit

The two continued to chase the boy through the woods for what seemed like hours to them. Finally the boy stopped running and just disappeared from sight. At the spot where the boy disappeared Aaron and Roger saw a sad sight. There was the skeleton of a small boy leaning against a tree with what was obviously a broken leg. The two searched around the area to see if they could find anything that could help them identify the body, all they could find was a pocket knife with the initials B,T. on the handle.

Roger looked at Aaron who was rubbing the back of his neck again. “It looks like we may have just found an unlucky soul who got lost in these woods a long time ago, but I have a feeling there is more going on here than just one lost boy.” as he started to walk back out of the woods.

“What makes you think that” Aaron asked.

“Just that we solved a small mystery and you are still rubbing your neck and I still have a gut feeling there is more here to discover. Lets get back to your place so we can start you on your training, you have some things you need to know.” Rog said as they walked out of the woods.


Hells Home Chalkboard


The Ride to Understanding.



Write Now Prompt: May 23, 2014

Aaron wasn’t sure what to think. He had read the book, hoping maybe to understand what was going on with him and seeing all the apparitions that he was seeing. That was no excuse for the man to break into his home though. “What are you doing in my home” he blurted out partially angry and partially scared,

“Let’s go for a ride Mr Stimple and I will explain to you why the Paranormal Investigation Agency has sent me to see you.” and then Rog started for the door.

“Paranormal Investigation….Wait you work for them. Who are these people and what do they want with me.” Aaron said as he followed Roger out the door and to his truck.

His curiosity out weighing his anger, Aaron got into the truck with Roger. Just as his door was closed Roger sped off, kicking up rocks and sand as his truck spun around to head out the drive way and down the road. Taking turns at break neck speed and dust, Aaron had lost his bearings and was not sure where they were or where they were going. After one final turn and a slam stop that created a dust storm that he could not see through, Aaron jumped out of the truck yelling at Rog, “are you trying it kill us, you drive like a maniac.” was all he could get out.

Roger calmly got out of the truck and walked over to Aaron, “do you know where we are”

Aaron looked both angry and confused as he looked around and realized that they were on the construction site of Camden Estates. “I never wanted to see this place again, it was driving me crazy. I was seeing things that should not be there.” he said angrily, “why have you brought me here”

“I brought you here because this is where it started for you and I want you to see that you are not going crazy” said Rog

Still angry, Aaron did not notice the chill on the back of his neck. They argued with such vitriol that they didn’t notice the child standing between them, until the unforeseen happened. The child floated up between the two men, as they saw him they both stopped and watched as his face started to fade and the skin started to fall off. Then the boy said simply, “have you seen my mom. I think I am lost ?”. He then floated back down and ran off into the woods.

Aaron looked at Rog and realized that he was not the only one who saw the ghost boy. “What is going on here?” was all he could muster.

“That is what we are here to find out Mr Stimple”