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Pumpkin Spice??!!!!??


Pumpkin Spice

Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. These are the spices that are used to make a pumpkin pie. As a baker for half my life I have made many pumpkin pies and mmmmm they can be tasty.

Pumpkin Pie


Then one year a popular coffee shop came up with the idea to flavor its beverage with these common spices and sell it to the general, unawares public.



Of course that was not the end of it all. Other popular coffee shops started selling a pumpkin flavored coffee as well.

Pumkin Spice Coffee ani

What would you expect next. Exactly now you can buy bags of coffee so that you can now brew your own delicious pumpkin spiced coffee at home.

Pumkin Spice Coffee Bags ani

Next thing you know there are creamers that you can add to your ho hum coffee to spice it up.

Pumkin Spice Coffee Creamers ani


I think that the pumpkin spice craze has reached insane levels. Everything can be bought with pumpkin spice flavor added to it. I reached the conclusion that this fascination with pumpkin spice has reached epic proportions today when I was at one of my customers and she had Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses sitting on a table.


Kiss explosion


Keep an eye on the sky for the falling pumpkins.








Tortured twisted and empty. That is how I feel right now. Why, because of the thoughts of a woman who touched my life in a very profound way. Over Skype we talked  and talked and talked. Then she just pushed me away. That would be fine but then she pulled me back and pushed me away again and again.

We met in September of 2013 in a fun chat room. That night was a birthday party for a couple of other people that hung out there and it was full of fun and laughs. This was the first time she was in the room and at that time I had no idea the impact she was going to have on my life.

We became friends and then I fell in love with her. Damn how much i wish that she had just laughed at me the day that I told her that. Instead it brought us closer. She never said those three words to me but she said enough other things to me that made me realized how she felt about me.

Her job was the reason she told me that we could not have any thing between us. I did not like this but I did understand and accepted it and stepped aside so that we could both go on with our lives.

All would have been fine if that was the end of my tale, but of course it is not. After a month of not communicating in any way she contacted me. She started the IM off with the comment ” I know i should not be doing this but I miss you terribly.”

What can I do, what can I say other than the truth. I missed her more than I can describe. So we reconnected for a few months.

Then she did it again. We cant do this because of work. And again I stepped aside and let her go.

Then she came back again with news that she has a terrible sickness. She felt that she needed to tell me this. For the first couple of weeks there was contact between us every day. Then she just dropped out of site. Not a single IM or nothing from her. At the end of the first week I started to wonder if she was ok or had the disease taken her. Through the next week I realized that if anything ever happened to her I would never know.

Then she sent me an IM.  A broncitis attack on top of everything else put her in bed for the two weeks. Relieved that she was ok I left it alone for a while. Just before Christmas she found out that the sickness was gone.

A couple of weeks later she hit me with the job thing again.  That was a month and a half ago now. I still leave her alone. I want to contact her and tell her that I miss her but what good does it do. She is the one who put the restriction on me and i have already tried everything i can think of to get her to look at things from a different perspective.

The biggest problem for me right now is that I am really hoping that she will contact me again. I wish i could say that i am not expecting it but she keeps doing it. I know what I want to say to her if she does contact me again but I am not sure if i will be able to say the things that need to be said.


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Cog Railway to Mount Washington



As has been the norm for me this past summer, August was no exception. This time around it was a trip to take the Cog Railway to the summit of Mount Washington and a visit to the weather station located where the worst weather of the US can be found.



The Mount Washington Cog Railway is a first of its kind. Built in the mid 1800’s for the purpose of ferrying tourists to the top of the mountain.


Picture ot the tracks up the side of the mountain taken from about 7 miles away.

Being so steep the train needs a special way of getting of getting it self up the mountain. This is where the cog comes into use, it actually walks itself up the special track.


Pic of the cog on the bottom of the steam train.

The ride up the mountain is a hour long providing some amazing views of the surrounding area which consists of the presidential mountain range. Unfortunately it was a bit to cloudy to get any good pics of the mountain range.


After the ride up there is an hour spent at the Mount Washington State Park.


One of the things that I found interesting was the restored mountain top hotel.


It was a place to provide hikers of the Appalachian trail a warm place to eat and sleep for a night.


Although not the most comfortable of hotels, for a hiker it was like a luxury stay.



Taking a ride through history, I would say it was a very fun day for me.











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Chilli The Chinchilla

Adventures In Maid Service

One of the things that is really fun about doing maid service is getting to see many different pets and I have a load of cats and dogs in my life as well as many other kinds of pets.

This is the tale of Chili the chinchilla.

This is Chili.



He belongs to one of our newer customers and is very friendly.

He also enjoys rolling around in his little ball.


Sadly, a couple of weeks after filming this little video, when we got to our customers home we discovered Chilli had past away. And by discovered I mean that our team was the first ones to see that Chilli had passed.


RIP Chilli

When we told the lady of the house what we had discovered she informed us that Chilli had been their daughters pet and that she was at camp and would not be home until the following day.

The daughter is between 11 and 12 years old, her brother is between 8 and 9 years old. When the son heard about Chilli he started to put together a little box with all of his sisters favorite treats. He also made her a condolence card to giver her when she got home from camp and found out about Chilli.

It makes me feel good to see this kind of caring between siblings it is so rare.


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Winnipesaukee Weekend


In my continuing weekend adventures this summer I spent a weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee in the lakes region of New Hampshire. I stayed at the Tilton Inn in the Sanborn Room which was rumored to be haunted by a young, mischievous girl.

While at the lake I took a ride on the Mt Washington, the main reason I took this little weekend.


The day was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and the temperature was at a comfortable level. Some great views while out on the lake.


While out on the lake we passed a bunch of different islands but this one caught my attention when I saw a for sale sign on it. Unfortunately I did not get my camera up quick enough to get the sign itself.



So anyone interested in getting their own island check out Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

All in all it was a good way to spend an afternoon.



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Adventures In Maid Service


Adventures In Maid Service

This is an introduction to a feature I will be doing here on Random Thoughts. It may also be considered a little about me page as well.

For a living I work in my family’s maid service company, by company I mean there are five of us who are part of the company.  Mom does the books, dad is the head of operations, I am second banana which basically means that I am operations and one of my cousins and her husband round out the full crew.

Cleaning houses is our main function but with it are also some other cleaning type functions. New constructions, janitorial jobs, spring and fall cleans and just “we are having a party could we get out house cleaned” cleanings.

In my work I get to meet many people, see many different homes and also come across some interesting stories. My intent with Adventures in Maid Service is to give some of these stories a place to be seen.

I will be telling stories that may be funny, crazy or just really heart felt stories as they come to me,