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100 Days of Happy Final Thoughts


I started doing the 100 days of happy at the beginning of the year. I had decided to do this because 2013 was a not so good year for me. My mom had spent most of the year in the hospital for various reasons as well as the loss of another close family member in the end of the summer. I also had been dealing with some things of my own at the time. 

A challenge to find things that made me happy seemed like a good way for me to get back to my self or at least as much as I could. I found that 100 days can be a long period of time and that a lot can happen in 100 days.

My work gets me into many homes on a daily basis so I get to see a lot of different things. Because of this I have a lot of animals in my life that all make me happy every time I see them.


I spend a lot of time on the road and see all kinds of things while I am driving. Some times just a clear sunny day after a couple of weeks of nothing but cloudy is a nice thing. And signs are everywhere to be seen and sometimes the can be funny as well. And the winter may have been long this year there are some things that can make one smile in a front yard.


Saturday night is family movie night in our home and is always a good time not matter what the movie is and how good or bad it is.


In my work I get in many homes and see all kinds of funny items as well as things that I do not see regularly.


Being self employed my job keeps me working 52 weeks a year so I have very little time to myself. I value my Sundays and make sure that I use that day to relax regularly.


Over the last 100 days I found that is really is easy to find something that can make you smile. laugh or just feel good if you just let yourself be aware of your surroundings. I hope everyone can find something that makes you happy today.

If you are interested in taking the challenge your self jus go to for full details on the challenge.

Have fun and be happy.  



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April 10 thru April 16 Happy Days

I have been working in this building for eight or nine years now. This sign is posted on the door of the alarm panel at the front door.  Not sure why I looked at it today or why I happened to notice that little typo on it, but when I did notice it this morning vacuuming the rug at the door I just had to laugh.



There are times when I wish I had a dash cam in my car because some things happen to quick to take a picture of. Today I was driving home when I saw a boy on the side of the road looking like he wanted to cross the road. I stopped and waved him to go. When he did he kinda bent over like a chicken and ran across the road flapping his arms and clucking. I laughed the rest of the way home.



Family movie night is always a good time. This weeks movie was fairly good although I have my own issues with the book to movie adaptation.



Easter is a week away and today I made my annual Easter eggs for the family.



Yay Bacon

CAM00191Yay Bacon


Meet Loki, named after the Norse god of mischief or as I have been told, the god of hokey pokey. He really does not live up to the name given to him, he really is more low key. He greats me at the door when I come to his house and he always sits for me to scratch his neck and I know he would stay that way for as long as I will scratch away.



Cool little Easter tree at one of my customers houses. 



Another week of happiness   hoping to spread the happy.

thanks  Forrest

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Happy Review for April 3 to April 9


Little sticker on the corner of a customers monitor made me think about laughter in general



A happy surprise, nomination for the Jolly Lobster award gave me a big smile.

A great big thank you and a hug to CeeLee at the Adult Pool. 



Saturday night movie night. This weeks movie 47 Ronin was a fairly entertaining movie. 



Did some researching into my summer weekend plans and booked a hotel for my first one in May to Hershey Park.



It’s Monday but the work load for the day was really light and made for a quick day.



Found a new kind of happy today, relief happy. Got my taxes done.

 tax time logo


I love nature and got a cool view today. Five deer grazing in the back yard of one of my customers. Not a great pic, unfortunately they got spooked before I could get a better position to take another pic,



Happiness comes in many forms and I am enjoying finding some new happy on a daily basis. I am really enjoying the whole 100 days of happy.

Hope you all found something that made you happy today.













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Happy week March 27 to April 2

The signs of spring are starting to show.



It has been a long week, we have been out one of our workers which means we have been short a quarter of our staff. Didn’t see anything funny, new or unusual today but I am so happy it is finally Friday.



I got some stuff done  but family movie night is always a good time.



Spent a little time with my display case, added some new pieces I got as a gift. I think it looks pretty good.


Finding out about scare cam vines for the first time and spending some time laughing.



Emails from friends that give me a smile



Bacon   everyone loves bacon and bacon makes everyone happy.  Open-mouthed smile 



The past week had it all for me here in jolly ole New England. Snow, freezing rain, sleet and plain rain and that was just in a ten minute period on Monday morning. It is finally starting to feel a little like spring around these parts and I am looking forward to the trees starting to get buds and leaves (hope it starts soon) and the nice warm driving with my windows open weather.

Thanks for reading and be happy all.


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March 20 to March 26 Happiness.


Sign on a door at one of the condos that I maintain ushering in the first day of spring.


Leaving a home at the beach the van in front of me stopped in the road.  When he moved there was a seagull with a loaf of bread in the road.  As I was passing another seagull flew right into him. While those two rolled around fighting a third seagull come out of the sky grabbed the bread and flew off with it.


Family movie night is always a happy thing.


ok so Sundays are always a day of relaxing but finding something to be happy about for 100 days in a row and reaching the three quarter point is a good thing too.



Sign hanging in a customers bathroom.  gotta giggle


Did a spring clean at a home for a party today. When I was done and looking back at the home I thought how I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a job.


Have not seen these in years  gave me a moment nostalgia.


Happiness can find itself in many forms, it could be a smile or a memory or just something that made you giggle. Till next week   be happy.



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A Week of Happy: March 12 to 19

My first blog award, a surprise and a smile. 

Thank you to CeeLee.


Piggyback in a window.


Came across this whilst out on the road, made me giggle. hehee


This weeks movie of the week.


Sundays are made for relaxing and I got to do a little bit of it this Sunday.


One of my customers got a puppy,  so cute.


Crazy calendars gotta love em.


Had a half hour between jobs. Sat on the side of the road with the window open listening to the birds singing.  Ahhhhh  the sounds of spring.


It was an interesting week to say the least.

Hope you all had a good week as well.




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This week in happy review


Louie and Huey in the window watching their mom go to work,  gotta love funny pups.


Gotta be the coolest stapler I seen in a while.


Post-it note pad on a desk. Comment says “just file it under “who cares?””


Saturday nights movie. OK movie good family conversation

Last Stand

Looking forward to the coming spring and summer planning ahead for some weekend trips.


Come out of a customers house and started the car and Bobby McFarren started a singin.


First day with a temperature over 32 degrees.  Had a nice ride with the windows open. 



I am really having a really fun time and am finding myself finding all kinds of things that either make me feel good, give me a giggle or just make me smile in general.


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Winters Slumber

Winter in New England is usually full of snow and cold. This year has been no different. It has made some of my days longer than usual and not given me lots of time to keep up with my happy days on the blog.

I am going to give a quick up date on some of my favorites happy items and then try to keep up on a weekly basis after today.


KIttys and doggies

Cleaning houses for a living brings me into many houses and gets me seeing many pets

. CAM00070 (2)   CAM00079CAM00095CAM00101CAM00088CAM00087



Family Movie Nite

Saturday nights are movie night in our home.

Movie Nightmovies_thor2Endersescape_plan_ver4_xlrg


Winters Beauty

Some great scenes from the winter this year.



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Happy days.

These are the happy things from the past week.

CAM00063 Customer remodeling a room to look like a barn, pretty cool.


My regular car needed repairs. Having a back up car is a happy thing. CAM00066



Had to wait for a co-worker to finish up before I could finish up myself and I got caught playing with toys. Said I was feeling a bit squirrely and was monkeying around. Made both of us laugh.

I thought I had seen all the wine names there are. CAM00068



-2 degrees with wind chills at about –20 degrees at our second customers house of the day on the beach. The sea had this really cool steam coming off the top.  Wish the photo had caught the steam.



A busy day and a quick dinner.  81tfRNg3gEL._SL1500_



Pandora playing comedians in the back ground  loves me some comedy.

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100 Days of happy review days 10 11 and 12

A cool little speaker that puts out some great sound, listening to some good tunes on day 10.


Helping out a friend with some computer issues that got resolved on day 11


Love PC gaming and just installed a new game on day 12.


I am hoping to get posts out a little more often.




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