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The Return To Work

Join CeeLee over at the Adult Pool and myself for our blog ping pong story featuring characters from both of our blogs with the help of Todays Author’s Writing Prompts.

Writing Prompt: May 16, 2014

It had been far too long since Aaron had worked and he knew he needed to get back to it. He got lucky, a couple of quick repair jobs and a small remodel job came to him almost immediately. After Aaron went into seclusion from everything the few workers he had left went off to find work either for themselves or other towns for work. Most of the help had left saying that they were getting creepy feelings from working on the Camden Estates project. Oh what a mess that is turning out to be.

Driving to town and past the project he looked over at all the heavy equipment sitting there wondering what he was going to do with all that land. Thinking that he could not bring himself to go back down there and face those things. He really did think he was going crazy. “Why would a hallucination of a woman come up to me and ask for help.”. That what had happened to him on the last day he was on the project. That was almost 5 months ago. He went home that day and did not go back out for any reason. Till today that is. Back to work and hoping things work out for him.

Getting the repair job done and checking out the remodel Aaron felt that it had been a productive day and no spirits to bother him, to the bank to make the deposit and back home where he feels safe. Waiting in line Aaron got a chill on his neck that made him jump. He was sorta getting used to this sensation, he knew when he turned around he would see an apparition of some sort, although he was not sure what kind. Most are regular looking people that he could kinda see through.

When Aaron turned around he saw a short man wearing a bandana to cover the lower part of his face, tommy gun held up and firing off rounds. He heard the man “ok every one this is a stick up, every one on the floor.”

Aaron looked around nervous and was shocked to see that no one was doing anything more than what they were supposed to be, the tellers passing out money, people at the clerks counter watching their teller and people waiting in line looking at their watches or just looking around.

The robber walked right by Aaron up to an empty teller station, waited a minute and then walked right out the door with a bag in his hand. He looked around the bank and still no one was acting any different, like nothing had happened.

Aaron started to shake a bit and just turned around and walked out of the bank thinking that he really was going crazy.  He made a bee line straight for home because that seemed to be the only place that he felt safe and did not see any of these crazy hallucinations.

He returned home from work to find an eviction notice tacked to the door. “Well damn”  Aaron thought. “now I need to go back to the bank and see about getting an extension” and that thought gave him a bit of a shiver as well.  That’s when he saw that his door was open a crack. He slowly pushed the door open and tip toed into the house trying to be as quiet as possible.

As he walked into the living room, Roger stood up, extended his hand and said “hello, you must be Mr. Stimple, my name is Roger Seagan” holding up a copy of Spirits Among Us, the book that Rog had written, that was sitting on Aarons coffee table “you may already know who I am”


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Write Now Prompt: April 22, 2014

He sat there, staring at the empty seat across the table from him. Sipping on his coffee and eating breakfast he was thinking that it has been a year since they took her from him. Oh what the hell was he thinking. Borrowing money from a guy named Louie “The Shark”, especially for going to the race track and betting on a sure thing. He rolled his eyes and let his head lol back – he’d gotten it wrong again. He had no idea why he kept betting on the horses, all he did was lose.

Then he owed Louie over a hundred grand. He hoped moving out of the city and into a nice quiet little town like Bridgeton would keep them safe. Little did John know about the history people like Louie “The Shark” had with this tiny little berg.

They found the apartment almost immediately and moved into it just as quickly. Life was great for them for a while, he got a good job at the factory in the next town. A short walk downtown to the bus stop then a quick ride and he was at work. The pay was modest and there wasn’t a race track within a hundred miles. He felt safe here. Mandy was enjoying the country life as well, working as a waitress in the town diner and getting to know the locals.

Then a year ago Louie found him, he had no idea how, but it did not matter. Of course John didn’t have the money he owed the loan shark and had no way of giving him his money back. Louie took him out into the woods and broke his legs and as he walked away said “this is not enough for what you owe” and left him in his pain.

When John finally got to a place where he could make a call, he tried to call Mandy but got no answer. Then he called for help. While recovering he heard nothing from his wife. Out of his mind with worry John could only think the worst of what had happened.

Finally home from recovery, his home empty, his wife no where to be found and no one in town knowing what had happened. The police had given up searching for her two weeks before. Saying that she must have gotten tired of his gambling and left. John knew that wasn’t true but could not prove anything more.

That was eight months ago, it had been a year since the last time he saw his wife.

He quietly finished his breakfast, put the dirty dishes in the sink full of dishes and left for work. Out the door, up the street and downtown to the bus. Not knowing what to do and hoping maybe some day Mandy would come home.



CeeLee over at the Adult Pool and my self are doing blog ping pong with the characters from Bridgeton and characters from her stories as well. Enjoy the story of Hell’s Home.

The only rule is that we use the prompts from Today’s Author because that is the fun of it.


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Hershey Weekend


The summer is about to start and one of my favorite things to do during the summer is to take long drives on Saturday. This summer I am planning on taking some full weekend trips as well. As I am self employed as a cleaning service provider and have a regular routine of customers that I do, it makes it difficult for me to take time off. Weekends are like gold to me and I always try to make the best of them. It has been over 15 years since I started doing this and have not taken a real vacation since I started.

This past weekend I took a trip to Hershey Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Hershey

Leaving Friday afternoon right after my last job to the hotel in Harrisburg expecting the drive to take about seven hours with a final drive time of eight and a half hours due to multiple traffic issues. Not really a big deal as I enjoy driving.

A good nights sleep and then a day of fun at Chocolate World. A little ride through the making of chocolate from bean to packaged product. Then a 3D movie with the Hershey characters to save the chocolate factory. After the movie I took the trolley tour of Hershey town. I got to hear the history of Milton Hershey and how he had started four candy companies that went bankrupt before he had a successful candy company. That company almost went bankrupt as well but got saved by a company from England making a large order that got him out of debt. Continued orders from England got him into making profit. The candy that he sold was caramels.


After some time in Chocolate World learning about the history of Mr Hershey and the company itself it was off to the amusement park for some fun and laughs.


The park is full of rides including eleven rollercoasters


For me I stayed away from the more thrilling rides and took the more calming rides for me.


This was more my speed. It is a short elevator type ride that rotates as it goes up and down and give the rider a full panoramic view of the park and surrounding area.

After a full day at the park and a lot of fun and memories it was back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before the ride back home.  The day was very nice, not to warm with just a bit of overcast.

The ride home took another eight hours but it was a very nice day so the drive was fun. All in all it was a fun weekend and I am looking forward to the coming summer. 

Thank you for reading.  Forrest


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Write Now Prompt: April 29. 2014


She was suddenly aware of her surroundings. It is home, but not home. It looks that same but different. That was the only way she could describe what she was seeing and feeling.

Her husband sitting across the table from her, a distant look in his eyes. He looked right at her as if he did not even see her. It was a strange look she thought. She knew he was worried about the loan he had taken. Who takes a loan from a guy named Louie she thought. And who the hell was Louie anyway. He would say anything to her anytime she asked him. He would just tell her not to worry about it. Still she had that strange feeling about her, like she missed something. An odd eerie feeling almost like a chill on your back.

Still he just sat there staring, not at her but almost through her. She turned around to see what was behind her. Just to coffee pot on the counter. A coffee. she thought I should have another cup of coffee. She got up and went over to the counter and became aware of a weight in her pocket. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin from a country she had never been to. She looked at it intently, an Italian Euro. She knew she had never been to Italy. It was a dream from the night before, her and John had been in a gondola taking a tour of the Venice waterways. It was very romantic, she was resting her head on Johns side, his arm around her neck. The gondolier serenaded them with a beautiful song of love and hope.

As they were getting off the gondola she saw the moonlight reflect off something on the ground, she bent down and picked it up, it was a Euro, she put it in her pocket and walked on.

Then she was in her kitchen that looked like her kitchen but did not feel like her kitchen, holding this coin and staring at it. She broke out of her spell, put the coin back in her pocket and immediately forgot about it. She made a cup of coffee as John got up, put his dirty dishes in the sink that was filled with far more dirty dishes than she would normally have, grabbed his lunch bag and walked out the door without a word.

Mandy went over to the window and watched as John came out the door and started his walk to work as he did everyday. As he walked out of sight she just looked out into the distance. Out over the quiet little town of Bridgeton, past the fields of Camden farm to the woods just past the fields. Her eyes became fixated on the woods, a feeling of comfort came over her as she stared at the woods and a desire to just go out to Hell’s Home came over her, one so strong and undeniable.

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The Legend of Hell’s Home


Write Now Prompt: May 6. 2014 


Roger arrived to Bridgeton early the next morning. Having not had breakfast and feeling a bit hungry he decided to stop at the local diner for something to eat and maybe even a chance to get some local stories. He had found that the biggest areas of hauntings were always small towns. Roger believed that everyone could sense ghosts on some level or another and that is why most small towns stayed small. No one knew why they did not want to stay but they just had a weird feeling about a place.

Roger was one of the people who could not only feel the ghosts but could also see them clearly and on some occasions when the spirit was willing he could hear them and even have conversations with them. He had written a scientific journal about his experiences but some how it got passed over by the scientific community and was seen more as an occult book than that of fact. This really did not sit well with Roger but he had to accept it as it was.

He entered the diner, a greasy spoon called the aptly called the Bridgeton Café. Roger went and and sat at the bar, it was late morning and the diner was fairly quiet, just a few older gents sitting at the bar sipping coffee and making small talk. “Coffee” asked the waitress. Roger nodded his head and started looking around the diner and out the window. As she put down a cup and poured his coffee she said “ havent seen you round these parts before. What brings you to our quiet little town.”

Roger, glad to get the opening responded “I am up to look at some property just out side of town. I hear there is a development going in and I was thinking about buying a home and moving out to a nice country home.” he said as he put some cream in his coffee and picked up the menu.

“Do you mean that Stimple Development project going on out in Hell’s Home” she said.

Roger put his menu down and looked at the waitress for a moment. “Hell’s Home??” he said.

From next to him he heard one of the other gentlemen say “Hell’s Home” in a more matter of fact tone than anything else.  “ I can tell you bout Hell’s Home” he says. It was me and Charlie over here back in 58 out in them woods. We was out there looking for some kids that had gotten them selves lost out there. When we found them the group of them was white as ghosts.”

Charlie cut in” Carl and I had been searching for hours when we found them they had burned all the wood that had in the fire pit, and then started chopping down trees just to keep the fire going.”

Carl went on. “when we come out of the woods into the clearing they all started screaming like they had seen a ghost or something. Now me I don’t believe in such things but these kids they was scared of something. Never could get a straight story from them just a bunch of gibberish.”

The waitress cut in “ those kids started calling them woods Hell’s Home and it has stuck ever since. Now that Mr Stimple he seems like a nice man, moved into town bout a year or so ago, bought the old Jenson home and then went out searching for some property to build on. When we all heard he had bought Hell’s Home, well lets just say we wish him well. There are strange things that go in in them woods.”

Roger ate his breakfast while listening to their story. He thanked them, paid for his meal with a substantial tip and thanked them all for the story. He got up to leave and Carl asked if he was planning on looking at the property. “ I am even more interested in the land now that I have heard your story.” and he walked out of the diner. They all looked at each other and just shrugged unknowingly.

Roger hopped into his truck and made a bee line for Aarons home hoping to get a chance to meet him and get to woods to see what was going on out there.


CeeLee at the Adult Pool and my self are having fun collaborating on this story. You can find the continuation of Rogers visit sitting on a lounge seat at the pool.



Me Ranting.



I am so furious right now. I just found out that my sisters ex-husband and father of their child has gotten the courts to take away 24 hours of their child’s time with her mother. A time that during their weekly time together is the only time the two of the get a chance to spend together.  This man has been doing anything he can to torment my sister ever since he threw her out of his life almost five years ago.

My sister spent most of the last five years living in the same home a I do so I have been seeing all the things that this man has been doing to her for no real reason other that sheer hatred on his part. Every time my sister gets things together he comes out of with some court order to make her time with their daughter less and a way to get him self more money in the process.

I have to point out that he is a county sheriff and although I like to believe that justice is blind I am really starting to believe that with this most recent court order that the courts side with one of their own.

The whole story. My sister just recently moved. She is now about an hour away from here. Her share of custody starts on Friday when my niece gets out of school till Monday at 4 pm, During school times my niece gets dropped off at school and goes home to her father at the end of the day. Since moving my sister has made sure that my niece gets to school on time Monday morning. Her ex did not like the fact that their daughter was with her mother so far from school so now my sister has to bring their daughter to his house on Sunday night taking away from my niece time with her mother.

Any way   thank you for allowing me to rant a bit.

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The Tax Man Cometh.


Write Now Prompt April 15, 2014


Ed woke to his alarm clock as he did every morning. Today was the first day of December, the last month of the year and the month that he is supposed to close all of his open accounts from the past year. See, Ed is the local property tax collector and a field collector at that.

He had breakfast with his lovely wife and he talked to her about his job and how he had a few accounts that needed to be closed by the end of the year. They finished their breakfast and cleaned up the morning mess. Ed kissed his wife as he did every morning, wished her a good day and headed out to the bus stop.

Waiting at the bus was the usual crew and they all did their little morning small talk, “How are the kids, Mike”  “How is the remodel going at your home Gina” “Ed how’s work doing for you”. The usual morning pleasantries. Ed always had a smile and always seemed joyous.

He got to the office, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to his cubicle. Turned his computer on, loaded the days list of visits and printed it out. Ed grabbed his coffee and headed out to the bus stop again. The first of his stops is on the other side of the town other wise he would have walked. As Ed got off the bus he was smiling hoping this would be a productive day and that all the people he needed to see would have their taxes and he would not have to do anything to force anyone to pay their taxes on this holiday season.

The first stop was a little laundry shop, the charming lady who ran the place was reluctant to pay but she eventually paid her due. Off to a coffee shop who had owed since the year before, when he got to the shop there was a sign saying that they would be closed till the end of the year, he made a note in his pad to arrange a visit at the beginning of the year with a new bill with all the late fees attached.

The next few stops had their taxes ready to pay and just handed him the checks not really feeling good about it but knowing that they had to pay their taxes. The final stop, Hervey’s Toy Emporium, was just around the corner from the office so Ed headed back to the bus stop and was grateful that he got there just as the bus pulled up.

He was glad that the shop was opened. Ed hoped that this man had his taxes ready to pay other wise he would have to seize his property. Some of the guys back at the office would be all giddy about seizing the toys of a toy shop during the Christmas season but despite appearances to the contrary, the tax man really did not like his job, and these are the times that Ed realized this.

Unfortunately Hervey was not willing to pay his taxes and this made Ed feel a little ill in the stomach as he said with a smile that was as forced as his pleasant voice was, “Well sir, I will have a crew here in the morning to seize all your assets until you complete payment of the years property taxes.”  hoping that he was not going to have to follow through on this warning.

Hervey got a flushed face as he realized that this man was not going to back down and that he would lose all his merchandise during this the most prosperous time of the year. “Can you hold on for a minute while I check my bank account to see if I have the money in there.”

“Of course I can wait a minute, I would rather get the taxes than to go through with the seizure.” Ed said hopefully.

A little bit later Hervey came back from the bank with the cash for the taxes. Ed was feeling really good about the out come of this day. He collected from all but one of the businesses he visited today. As he walked back to the office to turn in his collections from the day he had a hopeful thought that the whole month would go the same way.



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The Investigation Starts.


Awakened by aches, he wished for something stronger than aspirin, but Roger knew that if he took anything stronger than a simple aspirin it would mess with his senses. As lead investigator at the Paranormal Investigating Agency he knew he had to keep his senses sharp. So he took the the tiny white pill and hoped the aches from the chase the night before would subside.

As he ate his breakfast the phone rang. “Hello”

“Hey Rog, this is Rick” came the voice from the other end. “We have a new recruit that we would like you to check out his story, help him out and see if he will make it as an investigator. Karen thinks he has what it takes to make it in the field.”

“Sure no problem Rick, just email me the particulars and I will get right on it. Have a good night.” Roger thought about it for a minute and decided to finish his breakfast first. Hehee, breakfast he thought, who eats breakfast in the middle of the night. Well investigating ghosts and spirits usually just happens that way. “Ah well, you can get used to anything when you put your mind to it” he thought.

He finished breakfast, cleaned up the mess and went to log on to his computer. Yup, Rick always the punctual one. had already sent him the file for the new recruit, Aaron Stimple.

Roger did some research on Aaron, found out he had been a construction contractor for ten years and was doing really well till about six months ago. He had put a lot of money into a new piece of land, started clearing out the land and digging new foundations for new homes. It seemed like a financially sound project. Then six month ago every thing stopped on the project, equipment was just left behind and no one had seen Aaron since. Roger gave this some thought and then decided he would look into the property history before making contact with Aaron.

It turns out that the piece of land was owned by a local farmer. Half of it was graded land that was once a field used for his farm, the other half being a large dense wooded area that had not been cleared. Roger decided he was going to go take a look at this land first to see what he could find out,  He wanted all the information about Mister Stimple he could before he went and talked to him on behalf of the agency.


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