The Return To Work

31 May

Join CeeLee over at the Adult Pool and myself for our blog ping pong story featuring characters from both of our blogs with the help of Todays Author’s Writing Prompts.

Writing Prompt: May 16, 2014

It had been far too long since Aaron had worked and he knew he needed to get back to it. He got lucky, a couple of quick repair jobs and a small remodel job came to him almost immediately. After Aaron went into seclusion from everything the few workers he had left went off to find work either for themselves or other towns for work. Most of the help had left saying that they were getting creepy feelings from working on the Camden Estates project. Oh what a mess that is turning out to be.

Driving to town and past the project he looked over at all the heavy equipment sitting there wondering what he was going to do with all that land. Thinking that he could not bring himself to go back down there and face those things. He really did think he was going crazy. “Why would a hallucination of a woman come up to me and ask for help.”. That what had happened to him on the last day he was on the project. That was almost 5 months ago. He went home that day and did not go back out for any reason. Till today that is. Back to work and hoping things work out for him.

Getting the repair job done and checking out the remodel Aaron felt that it had been a productive day and no spirits to bother him, to the bank to make the deposit and back home where he feels safe. Waiting in line Aaron got a chill on his neck that made him jump. He was sorta getting used to this sensation, he knew when he turned around he would see an apparition of some sort, although he was not sure what kind. Most are regular looking people that he could kinda see through.

When Aaron turned around he saw a short man wearing a bandana to cover the lower part of his face, tommy gun held up and firing off rounds. He heard the man “ok every one this is a stick up, every one on the floor.”

Aaron looked around nervous and was shocked to see that no one was doing anything more than what they were supposed to be, the tellers passing out money, people at the clerks counter watching their teller and people waiting in line looking at their watches or just looking around.

The robber walked right by Aaron up to an empty teller station, waited a minute and then walked right out the door with a bag in his hand. He looked around the bank and still no one was acting any different, like nothing had happened.

Aaron started to shake a bit and just turned around and walked out of the bank thinking that he really was going crazy.  He made a bee line straight for home because that seemed to be the only place that he felt safe and did not see any of these crazy hallucinations.

He returned home from work to find an eviction notice tacked to the door. “Well damn”  Aaron thought. “now I need to go back to the bank and see about getting an extension” and that thought gave him a bit of a shiver as well.  That’s when he saw that his door was open a crack. He slowly pushed the door open and tip toed into the house trying to be as quiet as possible.

As he walked into the living room, Roger stood up, extended his hand and said “hello, you must be Mr. Stimple, my name is Roger Seagan” holding up a copy of Spirits Among Us, the book that Rog had written, that was sitting on Aarons coffee table “you may already know who I am”


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3 responses to “The Return To Work

  1. CeeLee

    May 31, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    “Hey! Okay, now really? Just because you’re taller than me doesn’t mean you get to smash the ball over my head.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s not in the rule book.
    No worries though, I’ll be certain to retali-heh-silly me. I mean, return the favor. 😉

    My, my. Things are getting downright interesting for my pal Aaron. Ole Rog isn’t quite who we thought he was, is he?
    I’ll have to let Addie know. 😉

  2. Forrest

    May 31, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    Rog is just a get things done kinda guy ya know. Aaron’s about to find out exactly what he’s got and I cant wait to see what his reaction is.

    • CeeLee

      May 31, 2014 at 11:35 pm

      That makes 2 of us 😉


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