Me Ranting.

09 May



I am so furious right now. I just found out that my sisters ex-husband and father of their child has gotten the courts to take away 24 hours of their child’s time with her mother. A time that during their weekly time together is the only time the two of the get a chance to spend together.  This man has been doing anything he can to torment my sister ever since he threw her out of his life almost five years ago.

My sister spent most of the last five years living in the same home a I do so I have been seeing all the things that this man has been doing to her for no real reason other that sheer hatred on his part. Every time my sister gets things together he comes out of with some court order to make her time with their daughter less and a way to get him self more money in the process.

I have to point out that he is a county sheriff and although I like to believe that justice is blind I am really starting to believe that with this most recent court order that the courts side with one of their own.

The whole story. My sister just recently moved. She is now about an hour away from here. Her share of custody starts on Friday when my niece gets out of school till Monday at 4 pm, During school times my niece gets dropped off at school and goes home to her father at the end of the day. Since moving my sister has made sure that my niece gets to school on time Monday morning. Her ex did not like the fact that their daughter was with her mother so far from school so now my sister has to bring their daughter to his house on Sunday night taking away from my niece time with her mother.

Any way   thank you for allowing me to rant a bit.

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