Happy days.

30 Jan

These are the happy things from the past week.

CAM00063 Customer remodeling a room to look like a barn, pretty cool.


My regular car needed repairs. Having a back up car is a happy thing. CAM00066



Had to wait for a co-worker to finish up before I could finish up myself and I got caught playing with toys. Said I was feeling a bit squirrely and was monkeying around. Made both of us laugh.

I thought I had seen all the wine names there are. CAM00068



-2 degrees with wind chills at about –20 degrees at our second customers house of the day on the beach. The sea had this really cool steam coming off the top.  Wish the photo had caught the steam.



A busy day and a quick dinner.  81tfRNg3gEL._SL1500_



Pandora playing comedians in the back ground  loves me some comedy.

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