Happy week March 27 to April 2

02 Apr

The signs of spring are starting to show.



It has been a long week, we have been out one of our workers which means we have been short a quarter of our staff. Didn’t see anything funny, new or unusual today but I am so happy it is finally Friday.



I got some stuff done  but family movie night is always a good time.



Spent a little time with my display case, added some new pieces I got as a gift. I think it looks pretty good.


Finding out about scare cam vines for the first time and spending some time laughing.



Emails from friends that give me a smile



Bacon   everyone loves bacon and bacon makes everyone happy.  Open-mouthed smile 



The past week had it all for me here in jolly ole New England. Snow, freezing rain, sleet and plain rain and that was just in a ten minute period on Monday morning. It is finally starting to feel a little like spring around these parts and I am looking forward to the trees starting to get buds and leaves (hope it starts soon) and the nice warm driving with my windows open weather.

Thanks for reading and be happy all.


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3 responses to “Happy week March 27 to April 2

  1. CeeLee

    April 3, 2014 at 1:35 am

    You still found good in a not so great week. 🙂

    Yay for Fridays, movie nites, scare Vines (woohoo!)
    emails from friends, Spring starting to show Her face (finally) and bacon! 🙂

    That piece for your collection though…is it a dragon?
    Hard for me to see, but that’s me and tech hates me, so take it for what it’s worth.
    I’m happy knowing you’re happy. It shows, you know 🙂

    For my next trick, I’m going to see into your future…
    Oh yes, things certainly are about to get lively for you Forrest.
    In a very interesting but non-scare cam Vine sort of way.
    Friday, yes, Friday-it’s going to be a very good day for you. 🙂


    • Forrest

      April 4, 2014 at 2:45 am

      I have found that it is easy to see things that give me a smile, laugh or just feel good over the time
      that I have been doing the 100 days of happy.

      That is a dragon in my case. I have been collecting dragons and wizards for a long time. I am thinking about
      doing a blog post with pics of my collection some time in the future.

      • CeeLee

        April 4, 2014 at 6:25 pm

        It does seem to get easier to find the happiness
        as we go along with the challenge, doesn’t it?
        I was thinking the same thing today when I did my happiness tweet. 🙂

        Dragons are maginificent creatures, We’re dragon-friendly at the SITAP blog. 🙂

        My love for the dragons started when I discovered Anne McCaffrey and her Dragon Riders books. I’d love to see a pic of them. If you post it, be sure and let me know.


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