The Promise.

02 Apr

Write Now Prompt: March 25, 2014

Bob is a happily married man, he has a good job at the local supermarket, two loving children and a tiny little problem. Mary, Bobs wife. has finally gotten fed up with Bobs little problem and has told him that if he does not stop she was going to pack up the kids and leave.  Bob promised he would.

As he left for work Bob thought about his problem and knew Mary was right it was wrong and if kept on this path it was going to lead to a bad place. He loved the rush, the excitement and the thrill but still it was not worth losing his family over.

During the work day Bob thought about what kind of help he could get and where he could go for support and decided he would check the internet when he got home for work. After work he stopped at the local bar with his friends for work for the regular after work beer and chatter.

Mike, one of Bob’s co-workers, called him aside to tell him about this deal he had heard about. “It’s a sure thing Bob, I got this friend of a friend that says the fix is in and  Barbies Dahl in the forth is going to take it.”   He knew he’d promised never to gamble again, but this…this was a sure thing. He couldn’t lose and Mary need not know anything about it.

So Bob, with all the confidence of a fool, went to the track with Mike. Bob went to the window to make his bet, Barbies Dahl at 55 to 1 to win. “Damn” Bob thought with the fix in and being a sure bet Bob plopped down all the money he had in his pocket, 280 dollars. When he won he could get Mary a nice gift.

Down to the grand stand ticket in hand, Bob found a seat right on the rail and sat down waiting patiently for the race to be over so he could collect his winnings.

The horses were lead to the gate and set to run, the gun goes off and their off. It was a close race at first Barbies Dahl keeping up with the pack and looking like she could not lose. Then it happened, Barbies Dahl stopped, just stopped running. The jockey on her was trying to get her to start running again to no avail. Then she bucked the jockey off and made a mad dash, right back to the stables.

Bob, now horrified at what he had just witnessed, looked at his ticket, sobbing and tore it up. What was he going to tell Mary. With his head hung low Bob made for his car and the drive home.


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2 responses to “The Promise.

  1. CeeLee

    April 3, 2014 at 1:28 am

    What to do about…Bob? 😉

    Poor Bob.
    Barbie’s Dahl turning out not to be such a doll, losing his money, what a nightmare.
    I actually feel for the guy and for the chaos that’ll rain down on him, when he tells Mary.
    Of course he doesn’t have to tell Mary. He could say that he got mugged.
    Nah. She’d never believe him. Not with his lack of poker face. LOL

    Great read Forrest! 🙂

  2. Forrest

    April 4, 2014 at 2:47 am

    Thanks It was fun to write as well. I think Mary may get really mad a Bob and take the kids for a trip to visit grandma and grandpa for a little while just to give him something to think about.


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