April 10 thru April 16 Happy Days

17 Apr

I have been working in this building for eight or nine years now. This sign is posted on the door of the alarm panel at the front door.  Not sure why I looked at it today or why I happened to notice that little typo on it, but when I did notice it this morning vacuuming the rug at the door I just had to laugh.



There are times when I wish I had a dash cam in my car because some things happen to quick to take a picture of. Today I was driving home when I saw a boy on the side of the road looking like he wanted to cross the road. I stopped and waved him to go. When he did he kinda bent over like a chicken and ran across the road flapping his arms and clucking. I laughed the rest of the way home.



Family movie night is always a good time. This weeks movie was fairly good although I have my own issues with the book to movie adaptation.



Easter is a week away and today I made my annual Easter eggs for the family.



Yay Bacon

CAM00191Yay Bacon


Meet Loki, named after the Norse god of mischief or as I have been told, the god of hokey pokey. He really does not live up to the name given to him, he really is more low key. He greats me at the door when I come to his house and he always sits for me to scratch his neck and I know he would stay that way for as long as I will scratch away.



Cool little Easter tree at one of my customers houses. 



Another week of happiness   hoping to spread the happy.

thanks  Forrest

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