Weekend Tripin

19 Feb

Hi everyone, been a while since I have been out here doing the blog thing. This has been mostly a not in the mood to write thing and not knowing what to write about. I am going to try to change this and start out fresh.

With that I will give a bit of what is going in my life.

Work, well is work. I am a self employed cleaner in our family buisness. Maid service is out meat and potatoes but we also do anything that is cleaning. New constructions, home and apartment move ins and move outs, estate clean outs, window cleaning and much more. I will be posting some of my more interesting work moments from time to time.

My main daily playtime is spent playing video games. Yup, been a gamer for more years than i feel like confessing to right now. PC gaming is my main joy but I also play games on both my Android phone and tablet. I plan on writing about any games that I am playing.

Weekend trips. This is something that I have been doing for the past 4 years and going into year 5 of doing a weekend trip once a month. This is something I do mostly because my work does not allow for me to take actual vacations and I have found that they keep me mostly sane. I will let you, my readers, be the judge of my sanity.

The weekend trips will become a main focus on my blog. I will be posting reviews from places that I stay, eat and adventure at as well as a bit about my weekend adventures.  I am a member of the HiltonHonors program making my hotel of choice to be a Hilton property. I am planning on putting some focus on writing about my trips.

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