Day’s End

09 Jul


 Write Now Prompt:June 13, 2014


Aaron and Roger got back to the construction site and planned on driving back to Aaron’s home to call the coroner to come back to the woods and pick up the body and maybe try to identify him as well.

“Shit” Roger said a bit exasperated “I think I dropped my keys in the woods”


“Well, don’t you have a spare set in the truck”

“No, I need to go back into the woods and look for them, hopefully I can find them” Roger said.

“Maybe we should split up and try to find them together.”

“No, I can go find them. You need to learn to relax and focus better. You get distracted by your sensors.” Rog pointed out. “I want you to get back to your house and set up a room where you can just sit and meditate.”

“I have always found that to be very relaxing for me and it helps me to keep focused on what I am doing.” Roger said. “There is a chapter in my book that gives some basics that should help you get started.”

“OK” Aaron said, “ I should be able to grab one of the work trucks to get back”

He went to the foreman trailer, got out his key and went in. “Damn” he thought “ it has been a long time since I have been in here and yet it is still as clean as the last time I was here”. He brushed off that thought and went to the key cabinet and got the keys for one of the site trucks.

As he was walking to the truck he could hear thunder off in the distance and hoped it was going to pass by quickly.


Back home, Aaron prepared a room to relax in. Candles flickered in the silent room as he sat down to try to meditate for the first time.

Then the storm came upon Aaron’s home. Wind was whipping and knocking the tree limb into the house and the lighting striking so close he could feel the air ripple from the sound waves. He decided now was not the best time to try and meditate.

Thinking what a long and tiring day it had been, Aaron decided to just go to bed and hope for the best tomorrow.


Hells Home Chalkboard


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