The Morning After

21 Aug



 Write Now Prompt: July 8, 2014


Aaron woke with a start, thinking that he had over slept and had that panic adrenaline going through his veins. He immediately looked at his alarm clock, it was only 5:15am but he felt like he was already hours behind schedule.


He started to get dressed and wondered about Roger and whether he had found his keys and got back to his hotel. “I should go over to the construction site and find out” Aaron thought.

He looked out the window to see if the storm had passed and whether or not if there was any damage to his property. As he was looking he remembered about setting up the room to try meditating and gave it a thought that maybe he should give it another try.

Aaron picked up his copy of Spirits Among Us to read the chapter on meditating as he was heading to the room he decided to use for meditating and realized that he had not heard from Roger. He checked his voice mail to see if he had called and found he had not.

He decided to take a ride out to the construction site and see if he had found his lost keys and if not to give him an extra set of eyes to look for the keys.

After breakfast Aaron headed out the door and took a walk around his yard to access the damage from the nights storm. Other than some broken branches on a tree or two and his yard furniture blown around there seemed to be no apparent damage.

Feeling satisfied all was well he headed for his car. That was when he saw something a bit unexpected. There was a knife sticking out from one of the tires of the car. “Damn” Aaron thought, “that must have been some crazy wind out here last night”.



Thinking how lucky he was to have driven the site truck home the night before he hopped into the drivers seat of that truck and drove off to the site to see how Roger had faired the night before.



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3 responses to “The Morning After

  1. CeeLee

    September 3, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Aaron might do well to tread softly this morning. Roger has had himself a helluva evening.

    Thanks for letting me borrow him, scaring him was so much fun. 😉


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