Random Driving

02 Nov




It started simply enough. Saturdays were becoming a little boring to me. I was feeling a maybe a little bit of weekend cabin fever. So my simple solution was to get in my car and drive. I had no plans, I had no destinations in mind and I had nothing that had to be done on the weekends for the most part.


This started in the early spring of 2012, Out in the morning with just my phones GPS on following my nose. On the road for until I felt like heading home. At first it was just random driving taking random turn based on random events like going the opposite direction as the guy in front of me.


NH Highway

I live on the Massachusetts New Hampshire border driving in New Hampshire is always enjoyable to me. This has made New Hampshire my main driving area. I eventually started just following some of the more rural numbered highways in New Hampshire, most of them from their starting point to their ending point. I have found this driving to be very enjoyable and still continue this to this day.


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