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Ruby Tuesdays First Timer

I was away for a weekend and eating out is a necessity. When away I like to try different places to eat, or at least something different. I had never eaten at a Ruby Tuesdays before and there was one close to my hotel, so I decided to give them a try. I was glad that I did.

There was no wait when I arrived and was seated immediately, My server, Lauren, was right over to take my drink and appetizer order. I chose the Mixed Berry Iced Tea for my drink and the bowl of Broccoli Cheese Soup caught my eye. My beverage and app order in, I perused the rest of the menu for my main entrée choices.

My drink came fast, the tea was just the right amount of sweet and the berry flavor was present, My soup arrived not too long after. The cheese soup was maybe a tad salty for me, I use very little salt regularly, but not overbearing. The broccoli was abundant enough in the soup and had just the right amount of crunch and texture. A couple of packs of saltines accompanied the soup.

Next up, my main course. I chose the Top Sirloin & Crispy Shrimp. A 6oz sirloin with a crispy cooked jumbo shrimp. The order comes with two sides, I went for the basic French fries and the grilled zucchini. The meal came in a timely manner and was served with a smile. The steak was cooked to my desired doneness, medium rare. Nice and juicy in the middle and still hot, the steak had a nice fresh flavor, I could not taste any spices other than salt and pepper. The shrimp had a nice crispy coating and were deep fried. A side cup of cocktail sauce was served with the shrimp and had a nice tang to it. The grilled zucchini was a nice surprise, thin cut rounds lightly grilled with butter and a hint of garlic. The fries were your basic thin cut potatoes and were crispy on the outside with a nice soft center.

I opted not to have dessert at this time, as the meal made me quite full. The restaurant was nice and clean. The atmosphere was comfortable and I did not feel rushed in any way, even though the dinning area seemed to be filling quickly. For a first experience I have to say this was top notch, great atmosphere, friendly and courteous servers and great food for a fair price. Ruby Tuesdays will remain on radar for weekend trips.

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